Isle.2 (2016) for flute and guitar
Flash mob dans la ville (2015) for flute and bass flute
What the thunder said (2014) for any instrument
Isle.4 (2014)for harp quartet
Camera obscura (2013) for clarinet and piano
Esile (2011) for violin, cello and piano (Sconfinarte Editions)
150 Operauna (2010) for trumpet, violin, cello and piano (Sconfinarte Editions)
Spoon II (2010) for flute and guitar (Sconfinarte Editions)
Spoon (2010) for horn and guitar (Sconfinarte Editions)
Notturno di tela (2010) for violin, viola and cello (Sconfinarte Editions)
Narciso (2009) for flute and clarinet (Sconfinarte Editions)
Flussi (2009) for violin, cello and reciter (Sconfinarte Editions)
Divorato dalla lontananza (2006) for string quartet
Lapis lazuli (2005) for piano four hands (ArsPublica Editions)
Voi che ascoltate (2005) for piano (4/6 hands) and reciter
Dàleth (2003) for piano, keyboard and synthetizer
Anamnesi (2003) for string quartet (ArsPublica Editions)
Vado… ma dove? Oh Dio! (1999) for soprano, cello, piano and organ